Silverside Technologies
Web Services/Design
Your web site is an extension of your office and in most cases, your consumer's first impression. It should emphasize what you’re about and that you understand them better than your competitors. That’s why your website goals and the consumer’s must coincide. At Silverside Technologies , our skilled professionals start by collaborating with you on strategy and from there go over design, content, and navigation to get your important information in front of your customers, save you valuable time, and increase your sales.
IT Services & Equipment Sales
We provide a variety of IT services to small and large business. We set up servers, workstations, networks, print systems and maintain them. Consulting is our game, we will help you make sure you get what you need, and that it will last. System maintenance is crucial, too many businesses have workstations that are only functional for one thing and nothing else works on it, we can solve that problem, by helping you do regular maintenance. System backup, most businesses don't realize how valuable their data is until they lose it. Put your mind at ease with the reliable backup system, that can significantly reduce downtime. Most of all security, we will show you how to make your system secure from all aspects. The majority of our maintenance and consultation is done remotely, making it easy to fix a problem quickly and more economically. We also provide equipment sales, we can custom build systems to meet your exact needs, and provide all the accessories you need to keep you up and running efficiently.